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Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale

Ghana - 146 tracks - 4 albums

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Rise Like Dollar 04:19Take Am 03:24When I Bore 02:37Fada Violate 03:32Commando (feat. Bounty Killer) 02:58Hiray 02:23King Shatta 02:18Chasing Paper (feat. Basiil) 03:00Designer 02:24Holiday 02:29Incoming (feat. Tekno) 02:42Real Life 02:52Sex In London 02:56Jee Jen (Getout) 03:45Ewi - Thief (feat. Medikal) 03:06Mina Mino Sin 04:19Balloon 03:20So Many Years 02:48Digital Beggar 03:252024 02:54Designer 02:24Incoming (feat. Tekno) 02:42I Want To Be Like Bandana 02:582023 04:07They Will Know 03:05Taking It 02:46Show Mi 03:42Richer Than Last Year 03:49Mansa Musa Money 04:11Killa Weapon 03:24Inner Real Life 02:21Heartless 02:57Did My Time 03:31Afrikan Kylie 02:56Don’t Call Me 03:06Shatta Montez 03:30No Brain 04:12Cash Out 03:04Win Or Loose 02:09Walk Pon Dem 02:11Thats My People 03:21No Camera 01:59Never Sleep 01:22Mina Mino Boyz 02:11Mafia (Special Version) 03:16Keep Trying 03:22God Is My Gun 03:20For Where 03:27Dem No Fit Wait 02:39Mr Pundit 04:54Society Contract 03:58King Of Kings 03:50What Do You Know About Me 04:55Cold Store 03:23Trackers Minds 04:09Sorry 04:23J J C 04:28Hunter 03:13Shoulder 3:43Knockout 3:18Ragga Ragga 2:39Adansi3 (Testimony) 3:26Like Summer 2:39Jackpot 3:14Automatically 2:47Sweet Palava 3:07Fapimso 2:40Future Dollar 3:53Destiny (High Supremacy Riddim) 2:56Cough Cough 2:10Little Tip (Sarkodie Diss) 3:02Horny 3:30Chacha (feat. SM Militants) 2:58The Ban 3:40Save Her Heart 2:54Apple Juice 3:24Stay Kool 3:35Top Speed (All Out) 3:24Akwele Take 3:21Bronya 3:11No Look 3:15Bad Man 3:29Ay3 Halfcast 3:03Jata Bi (Discotheque) 3:20Prophecy 3:08Vibration (One Way Riddim) 2:58Be Afraid 3:34Fool Boy (Diss To Buffalo Souljah) 1:41Anonymous Man 2:30Melissa 3:05What Deh Go On 3:33Tournament (Ghana Black Stars Remix) 3:192 Pah Pah (100 000) 2:33Dem Possess 3:02Kpokpomi 3:12New Formula 2:33Congratulate 3:48The Job 3:06Swiss Bank 3:21Changer 2:43Hausa Koko 3:18Run 4 Yuh Lyf 3:39Packaging (feat. Medikal) 3:50Weekend Love 3:19Nepa 3:01When You Fail 3:02Aye Halfcast 3:03Summer Time (feat. Gh Cali) 3:27Kaakaa Motobi 3:29Like Jesus 3:24Shatta With 9 (feat. 9TYZ) 4:10Heavy Load (feat. Damage Musiq) 3:15Life Be Time (feat. Tinny) 3:10Lights Camera Action (Mobasa Riddim) 3:04Island 3:312019 3:02Sika Y3d3 3:03Aduro 4:18Only Dem 3:04Teddy The Dull 3:53Drama King 2:20Ghana Be Village 3:10Mind Made Up 2:57Alakpator 3:27Testimony 2:51Amout 3:01Man of the Year Feelings (Feat. Stoneb... 3:12Campaign 3:07Man Like Me 2:49Wonders (Feat. Olamide) 3:35Amount 3:00Crazy 3:28Give Dem something 3:03If I see 3:43I regret 3:18Squeeze 3:12Bend Over 3:52One way style 3:29Exodus 2:04Caesar 2:31My mind is made up 2:51Gringo 1:44Mama stories 3:39Sister sister 3:57Rosalina 2:44Don't baby my baby 3:09

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